Solutions for Hostpitals, Consultants & Other Medical Practitioners

In the complex world of medical billing, processing and collecting invoices can be difficult and time consuming. Medical invoice collection is complex because of the number of agencies often involved including insurance companies, embassies, overseas agencies and occasionally transient patients. For the consultant, hiring staff to process and collect invoices is often too costly an option to consider. This is where Medical Accounting Services can help, we specialise in medical billing, credit control and collection of outstanding invoices.

Medical Accounting Services is a leading agency providing invoice processing, credit control and collection of outstanding invoices with a highly diplomatic focus. We also provide World Wide Trace Investigations.

As a business we are totally committed to providing the best medical billing services by utilising the skills of highly experienced credit controllers and using state of the art computer software and technology. We set high standards throughout our business and pride ourselves on providing effective, efficient, proactive credit control services.

All our services are custom designed to meet your individual requirements.

Let Medical Accounting Services process your medical billing and collections without damaging your reputation, losing your patients, or destroying your profit margin.

Remember outstanding invoices are bad for your financial health and should be treated with the best care available.